Options Dialog Box

You can change many of the settings that affect the 7-Zip File Manager in the Options dialog box. To access this dialog box select Options from the Tools menu.

The options dialog box contains the following pages:

System Page

Allows you to specify the behavior of 7-Zip in the filing system.

Associate 7-Zip with
Lists the file name extensions and associated plugins that are currently registered with 7-Zip. If file name extension is checked, 7-Zip will be used to open file with that extension. In any case you can always open all archives with 7-Zip via your right-click context menu.

Plugins Page

Allows you to specify settings for the installed plugins.

Lists the plugins. For modifying settings of plugins, you must select the plugin and press the Options button.

Editor Page

Allows you to specify settings for the editor.

Specifies the path to the editor.
Specifies the path to a file comparison utility that shows the differences between two files.

Settings Page

Allows you to specify some settings.

Show .. item
Shows .. item in file list.
Show real file icons
Shows real file icons in file list. If this option is enabled, listing updates can be slower.
Show system menu
Shows a system context sub-menu in the File menu.
Full row select
When an item is selected, the item and all its subitems are highlighted.
Show grid lines
Displays gridlines around items and subitems.
Alternative selection mode
If enabled, File Manager keeps selection mark when you move cursor.
Use large memory pages
If enabled, 7-Zip will try to use large pages. This feature allows an increase in speed of compression. This may cause 7-Zip to pause when starting compression, because of allocation of the large pages. Also, the Windows Task Manager doesn't show the real memory usage of the program, if 7-Zip uses large pages. This feature works only on Windows 2003 / XP x64. Also you must have administrator's rights for your system. Recommended size of RAM: 1 GB or more. To install this feature you must run 7-Zip File Manager at least once, close it and reboot the system.

Language Page

Allows you to change the default language.

Lists the available languages.