Extract Dialog Box

Allows you to specify options for extracting files from archive.

How to run this dialog box

There are two ways to run this dialog


Extract to
Provides a space for you to specify an output folder. You can click "..." button to display "Browse for folder" dialog box that you can use to locate output folder.
Path mode

Specify extract mode:

Value Meaning
Full pathnames Extract files with full pathnames.
Current pathnames Extract files with all relative paths.
No pathnmes Extract files without folder paths.
Overwrite mode

Specify overwrite mode for files that already present on disk:

Value Meaning
Ask before overwrite Ask before overwriting existing files.
Overwrite without prompt Overwrite existing files without prompt.
Skip existing files Skip extracting of existing files.
Auto rename Rename extracted files, if a file with the same name already exists. For example, file document.txt will be renamed to document_1.txt.

Specifies files for extracting:

Value Meaning
Selected files Extract only files that are selected in the main window.
All files Extract all files.

Specifies a password for encrypted archives.