Supported formats

Format Compressing Decompressing Filename Extensions
7z X X 7z
XZ X X xz
ZIP X X zip
GZIP X X gz gzip tgz
BZIP2 X X bz2 bzip2 tbz2 tbz
TAR X X tar
LZMA X lzma
RAR X rar
CAB X cab
ARJ X arj
Z X z taz
CPIO X cpio
RPM X rpm
DEB X deb
LZH X lzh lha
SPLIT X 001 002 ...
CHM X chm chw hxs
ISO X iso
UDF X iso
COMPOUND X msi doc xls ppt
WIM X wim swm
DMG X dmg
XAR X xar
HFS X hfs
NSIS X exe
NTFS X ntfs
FAT X fat
VHD X vhd
MBR X mbr


7-Zip creates fully ZIP compatible archives. Anyone can decompress these files by any ZIP compatible decompression utility. During compression 7-Zip can use one of the following ZIP compression methods:

The current version of the 7-Zip can extract any files from ZIP archive that were compressed with one of the following methods:

Files compressed with other ZIP compression methods can't be extracted by the current version of the 7-Zip. But these supported methods are the most popular today, and therefore 7-Zip can decompress most ZIP archives. To extract files compressed with non-supported methods you must use some other ZIP utility.

7-Zip supports the Zip64 extension of ZIP format.

The current version of 7-Zip doesn't support Zip multivolume archives.


7-Zip supports LZH archives only for listing, browsing and decompressing. 7-Zip supports -lh0-, -lh4-, -lh5-, -lh6- and -lh7- methods.