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Make a keyframe

  1. If you have a timeline in which you want to create a keyframe, select the timeline from the drop-down box under Objects and Timeline. Otherwise, create a new timeline by clicking the Create new timeline Create new timeline button button, and giving it a name.
  2. Move the playhead Timeline playhead to the desired point in time.
  3. To make a keyframe, do one of the following:
    • Click the Record Keyframe Record Keyframe button button.
      A keyframe is created on the timeline for the selected object. The keyframe will store any property changes that you make while the playhead is at this point on the timeline.
    • Modify an object on the artboard by setting a property in the Properties panel or by modifying the object using your mouse.
      A keyframe is automatically created on the timeline. The keyframe records the property changes that you just made.