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Change the snap resolution

You can specify the intervals on the timeline at which you can set a keyframe. This interval rate is called snap resolution because it refers to where on the timeline the play head Timeline play head can be snapped. For example, if you changed the snap resolution to 10 frames per second, you could set keyframes at every tenth of a second along the timeline. Snap resolution also affects how the Playback controls navigate through frames.

Tip Timeline snapping does not apply to the frame rate or to the speed of your animation when your application runs. For more information, see Frame rates.

To change the snap resolution

  1. Select the timeline from the drop-down box under Objects and Timeline.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the snapping Timeline snapping button toggle button, and then click Snapping.
    The Snap Resolution dialog appears.
  3. Enter a value (keyframes per second) that the playhead should snap to while navigating through frames.