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Resources overview

A resource is an object that can be re-used in different places in your Microsoft® Expression Blend™ application. The most common use of a resource is in re-using a color throughout your application. For example, you can change a color resource in one place to automatically update the appearance of every control that refers to that color resource. This concept also applies to re-using style or template resources to make controls of a specific type look or behave the same way. Changing one asset that has multiple relationships is easier than changing many instances of data throughout your application.

Virtually everything can be converted to some kind of a resource. For instance:

Resources can be created at various levels or scopes in your application. The scope where a resource is defined determines where it is available in your application. You can define resources at the following scopes:

Existing resources can be moved between different scopes by dragging them between locations in the Resources panel. Additionally, you can access an existing resource for editing from the Resources panel. For information about editing resources, see Modify a resource. For a roadmap of the Resources panel, see the Resources panel.

For information about applying a resource to an object on the artboard, see Apply or remove a resource. When applying a resource that is a style or control template, you can use the additional method that is described in Apply a style resource.