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Resize an element

To resize an element

  1. On the artboard or under Objects and Timeline in the Interaction panel, click the element that you want to resize to select it.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Under Layout in the Properties panel, enter precise values for Width and Height.
    • Move your mouse pointer over the property's text box, and then click and drag your pointer when the numerical adjust cursor appears so that you can scroll through values and see the changes reflected on the artboard.
    • Click the Selection Selection tool tool in the Toolbox, and then resize the element on the artboard by using the sizing adorners ( or ). You can modify the behavior of the resizing handles in the following ways:
      • Hold the SHIFT key while resizing to constrain the aspect ratio.
      • Hold the ALT key while resizing to maintain the position of the center point (instead of maintaining the position of the opposite corner or edge).