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Layout types

There are five primary layout panels in Microsoft® Expression Blend™, each one designed to handle a different type of layout:

Panel Description
Canvas Arranges child elements according to absolute x and y coordinates. Canvas enables you to have fixed positions for elements on the screen at run time—literally, a blank canvas. For more information about Canvas, see Canvas panel.
Dock Arranges child elements so that they stay, or dock, to one edge of the panel. For more information about Dock, see Dock panel.
Grid Arranges child elements in a very flexible layout of rows and columns that form a grid. For more information about Grid, see Grid panel.
Stack Arranges child elements into a single line that can be oriented, or stacked, horizontally or vertically. For more information about Stack, see Stack panel.
Wrap Arranges child elements in sequential position from left to right, and then when it runs out of room at the far-right edge of the panel, wraps the content to the next line, and so on from left-to-right, top-to-bottom. A wrap panel's orientation can also be vertical so that the child elements flow from top-to-bottom, left-to-right. For more information about Wrap, see Wrap panel.