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Align objects

The Align commands in the Object menu of Microsoft® Expression Blend™ let you align the position of two or more objects in a document.

Aligning objects

1 Unaligned objects
2 Objects aligned to left edges
3 Objects aligned to horizontal centers

To align two or more objects

  1. Select the objects that you want to align.  (You can select more than one object by holding the CTRL key. For information about how to select objects in Expression Blend, see Select or deselect objects.)
  2. On the Object menu, point to Align, and then click one of the following:
Tip You can also access the Align commands from the context menu that appears when you right-click the selected objects.
Tip To set the alignment of an individual object, set the HorizontalAlignment and VerticalAlignment options under Layout category in the Properties panel. For more information, see Change the alignment of an element.