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Properties panel

The Properties panel in Microsoft® Expression Blend™ contains the following two modes:

Full mode and mini mode of the Properties panel

A Expandable and collapsible categories   11 Alpha channel slider   1 Brushes category
1 Selected object details   12 Color chips: Initial color, current color, last color   2 Appearance category
2 Toggle buttons for Properties and Events   13 Color eyedropper   3 Layout category
3 Search box for filtering on a property   14 Convert color to resource   4 Common Properties category
4 Various visual properties (brushes) such as Fill brush, Stroke brush, Foreground brush   15 Hex value   5 Text category
5 Button for opening the Advanced property options pop-up menu, to apply resources and to bind data and templates   16 Gradient slider with gradient stops   6 Transform category
6 Brush editors: No brush, Solid color brush, Gradient brush, Tile brush, Brush resources   17 Gradient eyedropper   7 Miscellaneous category
7 Color editor: Available for solid color and gradient brushes   18 Gradient types: Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient   8 Attached Properties category
8 Color resources: Local Resources and System Resources   19 Gradient options: Pad, Reflect, Repeat, Absolute, Bounding Box   9 Light category (3D only)
9 Color picker with color slider   20 Convert current brush to a resource   10 Camera category (3D only)
10 Color spaces: The RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color space is shown in this image, but you can change between 4 color spaces altogether simply by clicking one of the underlined letters (for example, "R" in the RGB color space) to see a pop-up menu with the alternative color spaces listed.            

Value editors

The Properties panel in Expression Blend presents several number editors for entering values such as degrees, pixels, percentages, and so on. You can single-click an existing numerical value and type in the exact value you want, or you can use the unique slider to change values by moving your mouse pointer over the property's text box, and then clicking and dragging when the numerical adjust cursor appears.

Marker system

The Properties panel includes a unique property marker system that uses colors—such as the yellow and green shown in the image below—to categorize specific operations. This marker system also includes subproperty markers in some of the value editors. The subproperty marker support is currently exposed in the brush and material editors, allowing you to use property marker operations on the color within the brush editor. Additional support for marker operations can be found on transform subproperties, allowing you to data bind rotation of a shape for instance.

Advanced property options

Advanced property options pop-up list