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Turn on or off snapping and the snap grid

Snapping and the snap grid provide you with a set of horizontal and vertical gridlines that—when you drag an object on the artboard—will snap or pull towards the closest vertical or horizontal gridlines. Objects can also snap to column and row dividers within a grid panel.

Snap Grid

Workspace showing the snap grid turned on.

Additionally, snaplines allow you to drag objects on the artboard and have them snap to the margins, baseline (for text objects), or alignment (red dashed line) of other objects within the same container element such as a layout panel, column and row dividers in a grid panel, as well as the padding of the container element.

Shaded red areas showing snaplines

Shaded red areas showing snaplines.

You can quickly turn on snapping options using buttons on the artboard. Alternatively, you can select snapping options within the Options dialog box (Tools menu).

Snapping options

Show snap grid

Do one of the following:

Turn on snapping to gridlines

Do one of the following:

Turn on snapping to snaplines

 Do one of the following: