Checking and Editing the Captured Data

ABBYY Business Card Reader captures contact data from a business card and automatically puts them into their appropriate fields, which are grouped as follows:

The application will automatically detect the fax number, the landline and mobile phone numbers, up to two e-mail addresses, and the name and address of the organization. You can change the names of the fields in the Phones and Address fields by clicking the arrow next to a field name and selecting a new name from the list.

The captured data that have not made it into any of the above groups are placed into the Notes field. For example, if there are five telephone numbers listed on a business card, four of them will be placed in the fields in the Phones group and the fifth will be placed into the Notes field.

You can check and edit the contact data in the Contact Details pane, comparing the captured data with the original image. Unreliably captured characters are displayed in red. Clicking on a field with captured data will highlight the relevant area on the card image.

After you have checked the captured data, you can export them, save them, or send them by e-mail.