Paper Document Contains Decorative (Non-Standard) Fonts

The Training mode improves OCR quality on documents with decorative fonts or documents containing special characters (e.g. mathematical symbols).

In Training mode, a user pattern is created which can be used when performing OCR on the entire text.

For details, see Recognition With Training.

To use a pattern to recognize a document:

  1. Open the Options dialog box (Tools>Options…) and then click the Read tab.
  2. Under Training, select the Train user pattern option.

    Note. If you select Use built-in patterns, ABBYY FineReader will use both the user patterns and its factory preset patterns for OCR.

  3. Click the Pattern Editor… button.
  4. In the Pattern Editor dialog box, select the desired pattern and then click Close.

    For details, see Selecting a User Pattern.

  5. In the ABBYY FineReader main window, click the Read button.