Saving in PDF/A

Select the PDF/A saving format if you want to create a PDF-document with full-text search capabilities that maintains visual quality or a document to be stored in an archive.

To save your text in PDF/A:

Tip. Additional saving options are available in the Options dialog box: select Tools>Options…, click the Save tab, and then click the PDF/A tab.
The saving options on this tab are grouped into the following categories:

Default paper size Save mode Picture settings

From the Default paper size drop-down list, choose the paper size to be used for saving in PDF format.

Depending on how you are planning to use your electronic document, select one of the best option below:

  • Text and pictures only
    This option saves only the recognized text and the associated pictures. The page will be fully searchable and the size of the PDF file will be small. The appearance of the resulting document may slightly differ from the original.
  • Text over the page image
    This option saves the background and pictures of the original document and places the recognized text over them. Usually, this PDF type requires more disk space than Text and pictures only. The resulting PDF document is fully searchable. In some cases, the appearance of the resulting document may slightly differ from the original.
  • Text under the page image
    This option saves the entire page image as a picture and places the recognized text underneath. Use this option to create a fully searchable document that looks virtually the same as the original.
  • Page image only
    This option saves the exact image of the page. This type of PDF document will be virtually indistinguishable from the original but the file will not be searchable.

Depending on the save mode you select, some of the following options will become available:

  • Retain text and background colors
    Select this option to retain the font color and background when saving in PDF.
  • Keep headers and footers
    Preserves headers and footers in the output document.
  • Enable Tagged PDF (compatible with Adobe Acrobat 5.0 and above)
    Select this option to add PDF tags into the output PDF document.

    Apart from text and pictures, PDF files can contain information about the document structure such as logical parts, pictures, and tables. This information is encoded in PDF tags. A PDF file equipped with PDF tags may be reflowed to fit different screen sizes and will display well on handheld devices.

    Important! If your recognized document contains text in Hebrew or Yiddish, you cannot create a tagged PDF file.

  • Use Mixed Raster Content
    Select this option to retain the visual quality of the text and the pictures in a highly compressed document.

If your document contains a large number of pictures, the resulting file may be very large. You can reduce its size by selecting picture settings manually in the Image Quality group.


  • To change the image saving parameters, click Custom…. In the Custom Picture Settings dialogue box, the desired parameters and click ОК.
  • If you don't want to save images in the recognized text, make sure the Keep pictures option is clear.