Saving in RTF/DOC/DOCX

To save your text in RTF/DOC/DOCX:

Tip. Additional saving options are available in the Options dialog box: select Tools>Options…, click the Save tab, and then click the RTF/DOC/DOCX tab.
The saving options on this tab are grouped into the following categories:

Retain layout Default paper size Text settings Picture settings Advanced

Depending on how you are planning to use your electronic document, select the best option below:

  1. Exact copy
    Produces a document that maintains the formatting of the original. This option is recommended for documents with complex layouts, such as promotion booklets. Note, however, that this option limits the ability to change the text and formatting of the output document.
  2. Editable copy
    Produces a document that nearly preserves the original format and text flow but allows easy editing.
  3. Formatted text
    Retains fonts, font sizes, and paragraphs, but does not retain the exact locations of the objects on the page or the spacing. The resulting text will be left-aligned. (Right-to-left texts will be right-aligned).

    Note. Vertical texts will be changed to horizontal in this mode.

  4. Plain text
    Unlike the Formatted text mode, this mode does not retain formatting.

You can select the paper size to be used for saving in RTF, DOC or DOCX format from the Default paper size drop-down list.

Tip. To ensure the recognized text fits the paper size, select the Increase paper size to fit content option. ABBYY FineReader will automatically select the most suitable paper size when saving.

  • Keep headers and footers
    Retains running titles (headers and footers) in the output text.
  • Keep page breaks
    Retains the original page arrangement.
  • Keep line breaks
    Retains the original arrangement into lines.
  • Retain text and background colors
    Retains the original color of the letters.

    Note. Word 6.0, 7.0, and 97 (8.0) have a limited text and background color palette, therefore the original document colors may be replaced with the ones available in the Word palette. Word 2000 (9.0) or later retains the colors of the source document in full.

Documents containing a large number of pictures are very large. To reduce the size of the file, select the desired option in the Image quality group.


  • To change the picture saving parameters, click Custom…. In the Custom Picture Settings dialog box, select the desired parameters and click OK.
  • If you don't want to keep pictures in the recognized text, make sure the Keep pictures option is clear.

Some of the more advanced saving options become available by clicking the Advanced group.

  • Highlight uncertain characters
    Select this option to edit the recognized text in Microsoft Word rather than in the ABBYY FineReader Text window. All uncertain characters will be highlighted in the Microsoft Word window.

    Tip. You can change the color of uncertain characters on the View tab of the Options dialog box (Tools>Options…).

  • Enable compatibility with other word processors
    Produces a document that can be opened and edited in earlier versions of Microsoft Word and other word processing applications that support the RTF format.