Disabling Automatic Image Processing

By default, any pages you add to an ABBYY FineReader document are automatically recognized.

However, if your document contains a text in a Character-based language combined with a European language, we recommend disabling automatic page orientation detection and using the dual page splitting option only if all of the page images have the correct orientation (e.g., they were not scanned upside down).

The Detect page orientation and Split dual pages options can be enabled and disabled directly in the image scanning and opening dialog boxes, and from the Options dialog box on the Scan/Open tab.

Note. If a document is written in Hebrew or Yiddish and dual pages need to be split, you should first select the recognition language, and only then use the Split dual pages option to correctly restore the document page order.

If your document has a complex structure, we recommend disabling automatic analysis and OCR for images and performing these operations manually.

To disable automatic analysis and OCR:

  1. Open the Options dialog box (Tools>Options…).
  2. Select the Do not read and analyze acquired page images automatically option on the Scan/Open tab.
  3. Click OK.

For details, see Recognizing Documents Written in More Than One Language.