Using Area Templates

If you are processing a large number of documents with an identical layout (e.g. forms or questionnaires), analyzing the layout of every page will be very time consuming. To save time, you can analyze only one document in a set of similar documents and save the detected areas as a template. Then you can use this template for the other documents in the set.

To create an area template:

  1. Open an image and either let the program analyze the layout automatically or draw the areas manually.
  2. On the Areas menu, click Save Area Template… In the saving dialog box, provide a name for your template and click Save.

Important! To be able to use an area template, you must scan all the documents in the set using the same resolution value.

Applying an area template:

  1. In the Pages window, select the pages to which you wish to apply an area template.
  2. On the Areas menu, click Load Area Template…
  3. In the Open Area Template dialog box, select the desired area template (area template files have the *.blk extension).
  4. In the same dialog box, next to Apply to, select Selected pages to apply the template to the selected pages.

    Note: Select All pages to apply the template to all the pages in the current ABBYY FineReader document.

  5. Click the Open button.