Checking Text in the Text Window

You can check, edit, and format recognition results in the Text window.

The Text window toolbar in the upper part of the window lets you open the Verification dialog box. This dialog box activates spellchecking, which can also be run by using the spellchecker control buttons in the Text window.

Use the / buttons to go to the next/previous uncertain word or character. If the uncertain characters are not highlighted, click the  button on the toolbar of the Text window.

To check an uncertain word in the Text window:

  1. Click the word in the Text window. In the Image window, the location of the word will be shown, and, in the Zoom window, you will see the magnified image of the word.
  2. Make changes in the word in the Text window, if necessary.

This method is convenient when you need to compare the source and resulting documents.

The Main Toolbar provides access to the drop-down saving options menu.
For details, see Saving the Results.

The tools for formatting recognized text are available on:

Note: Use the / buttons to navigate left and right along the properties panel if the Text window is not wide enough to display the entire text properties panel.

For details, see The Main Window, Toolbars.