Saving E-books

To save your text in FB2 or EPUB:

Tip. You can select additional saving options on the FB2/EPUB tab of the Options dialog box (Tools>Options…>Save>FB2/EPUB).
This tab offers the following options:

Document settings Picture settings Retain layout

Here you can specify detailed information about the document: its title, authors, and keywords. You can also enter a comment in the Annotation field.

If your text contains very many pictures, the resulting file may be fairly large. The quality of the pictures and the size of the resulting file can be tweaked using the options in the Picture settings drop-down list.


  • To specify your own picture settings, select Custom…. In the Custom Picture Settings dialog box, make the necessary settings and click OK.
  • If you do not wish to retain any pictures, clear the Keep pictures option.

Select a layout retention method depending on how you are intending to use the document:

  • Formatted text
    Preserves paragraphs, but does not preserve exact positions of objects and line spacing. You will get continuous left-aligned text (texts printed in right-to left scripts will be right-aligned).

    Note: Any vertical text will be displayed horizontally if this option is selected.

    When saving to EPUB, you can additionally save fonts and font sizes by selecting Save fonts and font sizes.

  • Plain text
    Does not preserve text formatting.

Use first page as cover
Selecting this option will place the first page of the document on the cover of the e-book.

Embed fonts
Selecting this option will embed the saved fonts into the e-book.