Saving in DjVu

To save your text in DjVu:

Tip. You can select additional saving options on the DjVu tab of the Options dialog box (Tools>Options…>Save>DjVu).
This tab offers the following options

Save mode Multiple layers Picture settings

Select a saving method depending on how you are intending to use the document:

  • Text under the page image
    Saves the image of the page and places the recognized text in a separate invisible layer underneath the image. Thus, you get a searchable DjVu document that looks almost exactly like the original.
  • Page image only
    Saves the image of the page. The output document will look almost exactly like the original, but the text in the document will not be searchable.

The DjVu format uses a special compression technique which separates a page image into layers and applies different compression methods to each of them. By default, ABBYY FineReader will automatically determine whether multi-layer compression must be used on a page (the Automatic option is selected in the Multiple layers drop-down list). You can enable or disable multi-layer compression for a document.

If your text contains very many pictures, the resulting file may be fairly large. The quality of the pictures and the size of the resulting file can be tweaked using the options in the Picture settings drop-down list.

Tip. To specify your own picture settings, select Custom…. In the Custom Picture Settings dialog box, make the necessary settings and click OK