Saving in PPTX

To save your text in PPTX:

Tip. Additional saving options are available in the Options dialog box: select Tools>Options…, click the Save tab, and then click the PPTX tab.
The saving options on this tab are grouped into the following categories:

Text settings Picture settings
  • Keep line breaks
    Retains the original arrangement of lines.
  • Wrap text
    This option is only available if Keep line breaks is selected. All recognized text is fit entirely inside the text block in the slide.
  • Keep headers and footers
    Preserves headers and footers in the output document.

Documents containing a large number of pictures are very large. To reduce the size of the file, select the desired option in the Image quality group.


  • To change the picture saving parameters, click Custom…. In the Custom Picture Settings dialog box, select the desired parameters and click OK.
  • If you don't want to keep pictures in the recognized text, make sure the Keep pictures option is clear.