Adjusting Image Resolution

OCR quality is affected by the resolution at which documents are scanned. Low resolutions may adversely affect the quality of OCR.

We recommend scanning documents at 300 dpi.

Important! For best OCR results, vertical and horizontal resolutions must be the same.

Setting the resolution too high (over 600 dpi) increases the recognition time. Increasing the resolution does not yield substantially improved recognition results. Setting an extremely low resolution (less than 150 dpi) adversely affects OCR quality.

You may need to adjust the resolution of your images if:

To adjust the resolution:

  1. Click the Scan button.
  2. Depending on the scanning interface used, the ABBYY FineReader interface or the scanner driver interface will appear.
    Choose the desired resolution in the scanning dialog box.
  3. Scan the document.

Tip. You can also adjust the resolution in the Image Editor (Page>Edit Page Image…).