Color Mode

If you do not need to preserve the original colors of a full-color document, you can process the document in black-and-white mode. This will greatly reduce the size of the resulting ABBYY FineReader document and speed up the OCR process. However, processing low-contrast images in black and white may result in poor OCR quality. We also do not recommend black and white processing for photos, magazine pages, and texts in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Note: You can also speed up recognition of color and black-and-white documents by selecting the Fast reading option on the Read tab of the Options dialog box. For more about the recognition modes, see OCR Options.

To select a color mode:

Important! Once the document is converted to black-and-white, you will not be able to restore the colors. To get a color document, open the file with color images or scan the paper document in color mode.