About ABBYY FineReader Activation 

ABBYY is concerned about software piracy and takes measures to protect its intellectual property rights. Software piracy is detrimental both to software manufacturers and end users. When buying a legal software copy, users can be sure that they obtain a quality product without any changes or alterations introduced by a third party. Illegal products are never safe. 

In ABBYY FineReader 7.0, a special protection technology is used to protect ABBYY products from illegal copying and distribution. This technology effectively excludes unauthorized use of ABBYY products by persons who have not signed a License Agreement with the software copyright owner.

If your License Agreement allows you to install your copy of the software only on one PC, any additional installations of the same copy on other PCs will constitute a breach of the License Agreement as well as of the copyright law of the Russian Federation and international copyright law. The activation technology controls the number of copies and prevents the installation of one licensed copy on an unlimited number of workstations. At the same time, the number of installations and activations on one and the same PC is not limited in any way whatsoever.

Depending on the product version and territory of distribution, the following limitations of functionality may apply:

How is activation carried out? 

Activation takes very little time and is carried out with the help of an Activation Wizard that is built into the program. The Activation Wizard has a friendly interface and is used for sending the necessary activation information to ABBYY. The same wizard is used for entering the Activation Code (for the Professional Edition) or Activation File (for the Corporate Edition) you receive from ABBYY during activation.  

Activation information is sent as a code (Installation ID) which is generated on the basis of information about the computer on which the program is being installed. No personal information about the user or computer is used for generating this code and this code cannot be used for identifying the user.

Activation methods: 

In the case of activation via the Internet, the whole process is carried out automatically. In the case of activation by phone, fax, or e-mail, the user needs to enter the Activation Code or Activation File received from ABBYY in the corresponding fields of the Activation Wizard.

Once the activation is complete, the program can be used on the current computer without any restrictions. 

ABBYY FineReader 7.0 can be reinstalled on one and the same computer an unlimited number of times without reactivation. However, if you make major upgrades, format your hard drive, or reinstall the operating system, an additional activation may be required.  

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