Adding and Deleting Words to/from the User Dictionary

Adding words to the user dictionary

Enlarging the dictionary is a good way of increasing recognition quality. During recognition, FineReader checks all words it comes across for possible dictionary entries. Therefore it makes sense to add new words that are likely to come up frequently (e.g. specialized terms, abbreviations, names etc.) to the user dictionary.

A distinctive feature of FineReader's spelling checker is that a word is not only added to the dictionary in its original form, its paradigm (i.e. the set of all of its forms) is also added. This feature results in FineReader being able to recognize a word in all its forms once it has been entered.

To add a word to the dictionary during the spelling check:

Set the following parameters in the Primary Form dialog:

  1. Part of speech (Noun, Adjective, Verb, Uninflected).
  2. If the word is to always begin with a capital letter, select the Proper name item.
    If you add an abbreviation, select the Abbreviation item.
  3. The primary form of the word.

Click OK. The Create Paradigm dialog will open. FineReader will ask you questions about the word forms in order to be able to construct the paradigm of the word you wish to add. Click Yes or No to answer these questions. If you make a mistake, click the Anew button to have FineReader ask the question again. The constructed paradigm will be displayed in the Paradigm dialog.


  1. If you do not wish paradigms to be created for the words you add, and want them to be entered uninflected instead, select the Add without prompting for word forms option (English dictionary only) on the Check Spelling tab (Tools>Options menu). 
  2. You may also add words when you view the list of added words. To do this, select the View Dictionaries item in the Tools menu. The Select Dictionary dialog will open. Select the language of your choice in the Select Language dialog and click View. The dictionary with the list of the added words will open. Add words by clicking on the Add button.
  3. Paradigms can only be constructed for words added in the following languages: Armenian (Eastern, Western, Grabar), English, Italian, French, German (Old and New spelling), Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

If the word you wish to add is already present in the dictionary, a notice to this effect will be issued. You may then wish to view its paradigm. If you think the existing paradigm is incorrect (this is often the case with homonymous words, for example), construct another one (click the Add button in the Add Word dialog).


  1. FineReader allows you to import user dictionaries created by previous versions (3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0).
  2. FineReader also allows you to import user dictionaries (*.dic) created using Microsoft Word 6.0, 7.0, 97, and 2000.

   To import a dictionary:

  1. Select the View Dictionaries item in the Tools menu, then select the dictionary language, and click the View button.
  2. Click the Import button in the opened dialog and select files with *.pmd, *.txt or *.dic extensions.

To delete a word from the dictionary:

  1. Select the View Dictionaries item in the Tools menu. Select the language of your choice and click the OK button. A dialog will open.
  2. Select the word you wish to delete and click the Delete button.