The Details Tab in the Batch View Settings Dialog

Option name

Option description

Displayed columns Specify the columns you want to be displayed in the Batch window. The order in which the columns are displayed in the Batch window is determined by their order in the Displayed columns list. You can change this order by clicking the Move Up and Move Down buttons.
The Columns Attributes group 
Icon&Text  The Batch window column displays both icon and text.
Icon The Batch window column only displays icon.
Text The Batch window column only displays text.
Docking to Allows to set one of the following position of the Batch window on the screen: left, right, top or bottom.
Show Tooltips If you select this option, a tooltip with page information will be displayed each time you move the mouse pointer over a batch page.
Show gridlines Shows the Batch window gridlines.
Sort by Sets the Batch window column to sort the pages by. The default sort mode is ascending.
Sort descending Switches the sort mode to descending.