The View Tab in the Options Dialog

Option name

Option description

Items group
Color Lets you set the color you want various FineReader items to be displayed in (say, uncertain characters, block frames etc). Select the item you want to set the color for in the Item list, and then the color in the Colors list.
Block frame width Sets the block frame width in pixels.
Image window group
Show black and white image in Image window By default, the image you have scanned is displayed "as is" (in color if it is a color image etc.) in the Image window. Select this option if your computer opens and processes color and gray images too slow.
Show black and white image in Zoom window By default, your image is always displayed in the Zoom window as black&white (it may be a color, gray or an actual black&white image, still it's displayed in black&white). The black&white image is the actual image FineReader uses for recognition. If your image is color and you want it to be color in the Zoom window as well, clear the Show black and white image in Zoom window item.
Show Zoom window scroll bars Shows vertical and horizontal scrollbars in the Zoom window. Scroll the image using these scrollbars.
Show scaled black and white images as gray Set this option to display scaled black and white images as gray in the Image window. The image becomes more readable. This option does not affect the recognition quality in any way. 
Text window group
Highlight uncertain characters Set this option to have uncertain words highlighted in the Text window.
To change the highlight color:
  • Select the Uncertain character in the Items field in the Items group, and then the necessary color in the Color field.
Show non-printable characters in Text  window Set this option to have nonprinted characters (like "line break" and "paragraph mark") displayed in the Text window.
Switch to full-page mode Set this option to have Fine Reader Editor display the document formatting in full: font size, line spacing, indentation etc. Otherwise the text will be displayed in a same font of a same size, as in the Draft mode. The fonts displaying the formatted text are set on the Formatting tab in the Options dialog (Tools>Options menu) in the Fonts group.
Draft font size Sets the font size to display the text in the Text window in the draft mode.