The TXT Tab in the Formats Settings Dialog

Set the parameters for saving the recognized text into a TXT file:

Option name

Option description

Code page By default the code page is detected automatically. Select the Auto value to use the automatic detection. Still, you may select the code page manually if necessary, just choose the value you need from the list. 
Code page type Specifies the code page (Windows, DOS, Macintosh, ISO).
Keep line breaks Set this option if you want the original arrangement into lines to be retained the TXT format, otherwise the text will be formatted in a single line in the TXT file. 
Append to the end of file Appends the text to the end of an already existing TXT file. 
Insert page break character (#12) as page break Set this option if you want the original document page arrangement to be retained in TXT format. 
Use blank line as paragraph separator Set this option if you want the paragraphs to be separated by blank lines in the TXT file.