The Simple Language Properties Dialog

Option name

Option description

Language name Displays the created or edited language name or the language group name. 
Source language Specifies the source language (in case you are viewing properties of a user language).
Alphabet Displays the language alphabet. Click the button to edit the language alphabet. The Alphabet dialog will open. Delete or add the characters you need in the dialog.
Dictionary group
None Specifies that the new language will have no dictionary. 
Built-in Specifies that the dictionary of the source language will be used as the dictionary for the new language. 
User dictionary Specifies that a user dictionary is to be used during recognition and spelling check. You can create a new user dictionary or import a user dictionary, just click the Edit... button. You may import a user dictionary created by older FineReader versions or any text file in Windows (ANSI)-encoding (the only requirement is that words must be separated by spaces or other non-alphabetic characters). 
Edit (button) Opens the Dictionary dialog. You may import a dictionary or add words to the newly created one in this dialog. 
Regular expression Lets you specify the new language's grammar. See Regular Expressions  for more details.
Advanced (button) Opens the Advanced language properties dialog.