The Renumber Pages Dialog

You may specify page renumbering options in this dialog.

Option name

Option description

Number of the first renumbered page Set the new number for the first selected pages here. If you have selected only one page, it is given the number set in this line. If you have selected several pages, the number set in this line will be given the page with the lowest number. Numbers of other selected pages will be changed accordingly. If there already exists a page with the number you set here, a "Can't renumber pages" message will be issued. Change the options so that renumbering becomes possible.
Settings group
All pages Renumbers all batch pages.
Selected pages Renumbers the selected batch pages.
Continuous page numbering Renumbers all (or selected) pages in continuous order beginning with the number set in the Number of the First Renumbered Page line. For example, if you entered 10 in the Number of the First Renumbered Page line, the selected page numbers will be 11, 12, 13 etc.