The Character Tab in the Properties Dialog

You may change the text formatting in this dialog.

Option name

Option description

Fonts Sets the font for the selection.
Language Sets the language for the selection.
Size Sets the font size for the selection.
Scale Sets the horizontal text scale (compresses or stretches out the letters).
Spacing Sets the character spacing.
Alignment Aligns text in the Text window:
  • Left -  aligns the selected paragraphs with the left margin.
  • Center - center the selected paragraphs.
  • Right - aligns the selected paragraphs with the right margin
  • Justify - aligns the selected paragraphs to both the left and right margins or indents.
Font color Sets the text color for the selection.
Block background color Sets the background color for the selected block.
Effects group
Bold Makes the selection bold.
Italic Makes the selection italic.
Underlined Underlines the selection with a single line.
Strikethrough Makes the selection strikethrough.
Small caps Sets the selection in small capitals.
Subscript Makes the selection subscript reducing its font size if possible.
Superscript Makes the selection superscript reducing its font size if possible.