The Hot Folder Dialog

(Available in FineReader Corporate Edition only.)

This dialog allows you to monitor a specified folder: all images that are added to the folder will be automatically opened in the FineReader window. 

Option name

Option description

Local disk or network folder Images will be added from a folder on the local disk or in the network. Click Browse... to locate the folder.
 Ftp server Images will be added from an ftp folder. If you select this option, you need to provide additional information required for accessing the ftp server: host name (or IP Address), User ID, and Password.

Anonymous login: check this item if you wish to access the ftp server anonymously.

Check folder every  Here you can specify how often FineReader will check the folder for new images.
Read images opened in FineReader Check this option if you wish the added images to be recognized automatically as soon as they are opened in the FineReader window.