The FineReader Dialog

Click the FineReader icon in Microsoft Word to display this dialog. 

Option name

Option description

Get Image Click the radio button you need:
  • scan, if you want to scan and recognize an image;
  • add from file, if you want to open and recognize an image.
Recognition language You may set the recognition language here.
In case you don't see the language you need in the list or in case you want to recognize a text written in several languages, click the Language Editor button. The Language Editor dialog will open. You may create a new language or a new language group in the dialog.
Retain Layout group
Retain full page layout Set this option to retain the document layout in full: arrangement into paragraphs, font and font size, columns, text direction, text color, the structure of tables. Frames are used to retain pictures in the recognized text. This option is set by default.
Note: If you don't see pictures in the exported text, check if the Keep Pictures option is also set.  
Retain font and font size Structure of tables, arrangement into paragraphs, font and font size are retained in this mode. 
Remove all formatting Only tables structure of tables and arrangement into paragraphs are retained. The text is set in the same font of the same size. 
Keep pictures Set this option to keep pictures in the recognized text.
Insert recognized text into new document Check this option to insert the recognized text into a new Microsoft Word document. The option is checked by default. Otherwise the recognized text will be inserted under the cursor in the current document.
Scan&Read (button) Starts processing an image using the options set in this dialog.
More options...
Opens the Options dialog with the General, View, Scan/Open Image, Recognition, Check Spelling and Formatting tabs.