The Process Menu

Menu item: What does it do:
Scan&Read Scans and reads a document.
Scan&Read Multiple Images Scans and reads several pages in a row.
Open&Read Opens and reads the images selected in the Open dialog.
Scan&Read Wizard Runs a special scan&read mode. FineReader guides you through the document processing process and advises you what you should do to get this or that result.  
Analyze Layout Draws blocks on an open image automatically.
Analyze Layout on All Pages  Draws blocks on all the batch pages.
Analyze block Allows to draw blocks in the active block automatically.
Useful, for example, when you want to analyze only the part of the image.
Analyze table Draws rows and columns in a table.  
Useful, for example, in case you draw blocks manually but don't want to draw all the table separators manually. Draw a separate block for the table, run this command, and then edit the results of automatic analysis by using the table editing tools.
Read Reads the open batch page.
Read All Pages Reads all unrecognized batch pages.
Read Block Reads the active block. 
Start Background Recognition Starts the background recognition mode. While FineReader recognizes new pages, you may edit the pages already recognized. 
Stop Background Recognition Stops background recognition.