Recognition Languages

FineReader recognizes both mono- and multilingual (e.g. English and French) documents. When recognizing document in English or in German, you can also use the corresponding languages with specialized dictionaries. In addition to the specialized medical and legal dictionaries, these languages also include general-purpose FineReader dictionaries. 

To set the text recognition language, select it in the drop-down list on the Standard toolbar. 

To recognize a multi-lingual document:

  1. Select the Select multiple languages item in the language list on the Standard toolbar. The Recognition language dialog will open.
  2. Select the language of your choice in the Recognition language dialog.


  1. If you find that you often use a certain language combination, you can create a new language group that includes the languages you most often use. 
  2. Increasing the number of the recognition languages used simultaneously may have an adverse effect on recognition quality. A reasonable number of languages to use simultaneously is 2-3. 
  3. Before recognizing a document, ensure that the fonts selected on the Formatting tab support all the characters contained in the recognition language(s) chosen, otherwise the recognized text will be displayed incorrectly ("?" or "" symbols will appear instead of letters). See under "Fonts for Recognition Languages that may be Displayed in Text Editor Incorrectly" for more information.

You may find that your chosen recognition language is not listed. This can be because of one of the following reasons :

  1. The language is not supported by FineReader. See the complete list of recognition languages under "Supported Languages".
  2. The language hasn't been included in the recognition language list displayed on the Recognition toolbar. To add a language select the Choose more languages item in the language list on the Standard toolbar. The Recognition language dialog will open. Select the language of your choice in the dialog.
  3. The language was disabled during custom installation.

    Note: Always ensure that you use the same folder as the one that contains FineReader.

To show/hide a language in the drop-down list on the toolbar:

Tip: It is even possible to set a recognition language for an individual block. To do this, right-click the block concerned and select the Properties item in the local menu. The Properties dialog will open. Select the Block tab in the dialog and then select the block recognition language in the Languages field on the tab.