Text Saving Options

Text saving options are set on the Formatting tab in the Tools>Options menu. Note that some saving options can be set in the Save Wizard and Save Text as dialogs as well.

Formatting and text layout retention modes (saving in RTF/DOC/Word XML, PPT and HTML formats)

Note: Some additional options may become available depending on the export format chosen. For example, in case of the RTF/DOC/Word XML formats, you can set the default page size and highlight uncertain characters; in the case of HTML format, you can set the picture resolution and code page. You can set these options in the Formats Settings dialog (Tools>Formats Settings menu). The dialog has a separate tab for each format, just click on the format tab of your choice and set the options.

Retain pictures

If you chose this option, pictures will be saved together with recognized text. The option is only available in the case of RTF/DOC/Word XML, PPT and HTML formats.

Image resolution (RTF/DOC/Word XML, PDF, PPT and HTML formats)

Sometimes you may wish to reduce image resolution. For example, HTML files are normally viewed using browsers, and high-resolution files, due to their size, are usually unwelcome on the Internet. To reduce image resolution (and, consequently, HTML file size) without lowering image quality, enter a lower resolution value in the Reduce picture resolution to field on the Formats>RTF/DOC/Word XML (PDF, PPT, HTML) tab.

Note: If you enter a higher resolution value than the one originally entered in the Reduce picture resolution to field, this value will be ignored; the pictures will be saved using the source resolution.

JPEG quality (saving in RTF, DOC, Word XML, PDF, PPT and HTML)

When you save the text in PDF, PPT and HTML formats, the pictures are saved in JPEG format.

When saving results in RTF, DOC, and Word XML,you can select the JPEG format for saving images.

This format uses a so-called "quality loss" algorithm to compress the image, i.e. the compressing technology is based on averaging groups of pixels, so that a whole region is saved as a single number rather than a large amount of different numbers for each pixel. The quality of the image will be determined by the value specified in the JPEG quality field (Tools>Formats, PDF, RTF/DOC/Word XML, PPT and HTML  tabs). A value in the range 1 - 100 may be specified (the default value is 50 - the average value).

The higher the value you specify in this field, the higher the quality of the saved image. The size of the image is also affected by this value: the higher the value, the larger the *.jpg file that is created. To obtain the most favorable size/quality combination, save the image using different JPEG values, and open it in an image viewing application. The JPEG quality value is set on the Formats>PDF (PPT, RTF/DOC/Word XML, HTML) tab.

Fonts to use (when saving in RTF/DOC/Word XML, PPT or HTML format)

By default the fonts specified on the Formattingtab are used when saving in RTF/DOC/Word XML, PPT or HTML format. You can, however, change the fonts that are used. Change the fonts in the Text window or select other fonts on the Formattingtab in the Fonts group and re-read the document.

Save all batch pages or selected ones only 

You may either save all batch pages or selected ones only. To save only certain pages, select them before saving. 

Recognized text saving modes (when saving several batch pages at a time)