About ABBYY FineReader Activation 

Software piracy hurts software manufacturers and end users alike—using an illegal product is never safe. Legal software ensures that third party companies cannot introduce detrimental code changes. ABBYY makes every effort to protect its intellectual property rights and the security of its customers through a variety of anti-piracy measures.

ABBYY FineReader 8.0 incorporates a specialized activation technology that prohibits illegal copying and distribution of the software. This technology effectively stops the unauthorized use of ABBYY products by those who have not signed a License Agreement with ABBYY.

A single-user License Agreement allows for installation on a single PC. Installation of the software on additional PCs breaches the License Agreement, as well as international copyright laws. The activation technology controls copying of the software and prevents the installation of a licensed copy on multiple workstations. At the same time, the technology allows the software to be reinstalled on the licensed PC as often as necessary.

Depending on the product version and territory of distribution, the functionality of the software may be limited in the following ways:

Step by step Activation Instructions

The built-in Activation Wizard will quickly and efficiently activate the program. A friendly user interface collects and sends all necessary activation information directly to ABBYY. You will also use the Activation Wizard to enter the Activation Code (Professional Edition) or Activation File (Corporate Edition) that you receive from ABBYY during registration.

The Wizard will generate a code (called an Installation ID), which contains all of the necessary activation information including system parameters and program information. The Installation ID does not include personal information about the computer user or the system, and the code cannot be used to identify the user.

You may choose one of three activation methods:

After activation, ABBYY FineReader 8.0 will be fully functional on the registered system. The program can be re–installed on that computer as often as desired without re–activation. The ABBYY FineReader Activation Wizard detects and tolerates changes to your PC configuration. Minor upgrades will not require re–activation. If major upgrades are made to the system (i.e. reformatting the hard drive, re-installation of the operating system, etc.), an additional activation may be required.

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