General Information on Scanners

The list of tested scanners

Please visit the website for the complete list of all tested scanners.

All the scanner models in the list have been tested with the TWAIN drivers supplied with them at the time of testing. All these appeared to have a ABBYY FineReader 8.0 compatible mode. Nonetheless ABBYY Software House doesn't guarantee these scanners to be fully compatible with ABBYY FineReader due to the fact that we were unable to encompass all the possible operating systems and scanner drivers in our testing program. Due to this fact ABBYY Software House assumes no liability whatsoever for any commercial damage due to use of the scanner information stated on website .

Questions related to scanner use

In case you encounter a scanning error:

  1. Try to acquire the newest version of the scanner driver: contact the scanner manufacturer or try to find it on the manufacturer website. You may find a list of possible solutions there.

    Note: If you don't know the address of your scanner manufacturer, contact the TWAIN standard committee ( Moreover, there do exist independent TWAIN-driver manufacturers for the majority of popular models, for example, the CFM company (

  2. If you receive an error message during scanning, please visit the page of our website. You may find the possible solution there.
  3. If you didn't manage to find the solution you sought, feel free to contact our technical support service.