Batch Page Number

All batch pages are numbered. A batch may contain up to 9,999 pages. The batch page numbers are displayed in the batch.

You can renumber pages directly in the Batch window or from the Renumber Pages dialog.

To renumber pages directly in the Batch window:

  1. Click a page in the Batch window or press F2.
  2. Enter the new page number.

Once the page number has been changed, all pages in the Batch window will be re-ordered to reflect the new numbering.

Note: Double-clicking a page number opens the page.

To renumber pages in the Renumber Pages dialog:

  1. Select a single page or several pages. 
  2. Select Renumber Pages in the Batch menu. 
  3. Set the new number for the first page selected (the page with the lowest number). 


  1. To renumber all batch pages, select All Pages in the Renumber Pages dialog.
  2. To renumber only some portion of a batch:

  3. To renumber selected pages continuously, select the Continuous page numbering option. For example: The renumbering option would cause pages numbered 2, 5, and 6 (assuming 1 was chosen as the first number) to be renumbered as 1, 2, and 3. Otherwise (i.e. if the Continuous page numbering option is not selected), on renumbering page numbers 2, 5, and 6 would become 1, 5, 6. The first page has been assigned the chosen number, but the remaining pages have retained their original numbers.

Note: If you renumber only certain batch pages, and allocate a number to a page that has been used, a warning will be issued and the operation will be cancelled.