ABBYY Hot Folder & Scheduling Main Window

When you run ABBYY Hot Folder & Scheduling, its main window opens.

The ABBYY Hot Folder & Scheduling toolbar contains buttons for setting up hot folders tasks and viewing processing logs.

Button Description
New Runs the ABBYY Hot Folder & Scheduling wizard.
    Export... Exports a task file. Exported task files have the extension *.hft and can be passed on to other users. In the dialog that opens, provide a name for the task file.
Note: By default, ABBYY FineReader saves task files in
%Userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\ABBYY\HotFolder\8.00.
    Import... Imports a task file. In the dialog that opens, provide the path to the task file you wish to import.
Note: For ABBYY FineReader to be able to run an imported task, there must be a folder on your computer (or a network folder) which is specified as a hot folder in the task, and all the required recognition languages must be installed.
Modify Modifies a task.
Copy Copies a task. The copy will be added to the list of tasks immediately below the original task and will have Paused status.
Delete Deletes a task.
Run Starts processing the documents.
Stop Stops a task.
View Log Opens a log file for the selected folder which contains information about all the processing events.
Options Additional ABBYY Hot Folder & Scheduling options.

The ABBYY Hot Folder & Schedulingwindow displays a list of tasks. For each task, the full path to the hot folder is displayed, its current status and the scheduled processing time.

Task Statuses
Status Description
Running The images in the folder are being processed.
Waiting Waiting for the previous task to finish.
Scheduled You selected to check the hot folder for images only once at start time. The start time is indicated in the Next Run Time column.
Watching ABBYY FineReader will process images in this folder as they come in.
Stopped Processing has been stopped by the user.
Completed Finished processing images in this folder.
Error An error occurred when processing images in this folder. ABBYY FineReader did not complete the processing tasks. To find out the cause of the error, select the failed folder and click the View Log button on the toolbar.