The PPT Tab in the Formats Settings Dialog

Set the parameters for saving the recognized text into a PPT file:

Option name

Option description

Text settings group
Keep line breaks

Set this option if you want the original arrangement into lines to be retained in PPT format, otherwise the text in the PPT file will be formatted as a single line.

Wrap text If line formatting is preserved, the recognized text will fit the width of the text block of the slide.
Picture settings group
Keep pictures Set this option to keep pictures in the recognized text.
The option is set by default.
Quality Set the quality for saving pictures. Select one of the following values:
  • High if you are planning to print the recognition results.
  • Medium if the recognition results are intended for viewing on the screen. This value is set by default.
  • Low if you are planning to place the recognition results on the Web.

The higher the value you specify in this field, the higher will be the quality of the pictures you save. The size of the file is also affected by this value: the higher the value, the larger the file you get.
Tip. In order to tune the best proportion size/quality, try to save the recognition results with different Quality values, and then open them in an image viewing application.
This option is disabled if the Keep pictures option is not selected.

Format Specify the format for saving pictures. The following choices are available:
  • Automatic,
    If this option is selected ABBYY FineReader will automatically select the most suitable format. This value is set by default.

  • JPEG, Color (for photos),

  • JPEG, Gray (for photos),

  • PNG, Color (for charts, diagrams),

  • PNG, Gray (for charts, diagrams),

  • PNG, Black and white.

Note: This option is disabled if the Keep pictures option is not selected.