The Advanced Language Properties Dialog

Option name

Option description

Punctuation marks adjoining the beginning of word Specifies the non-letter characters that may begin a word (e.g. opening bracket etc.).
Punctuation marks adjoining the end of word Specifies the non-letter characters that may end a word (e.g. closing bracket, comma, etc.). 
Standalone punctuation marks Specifies the non-letter characters detached from words (hyphen etc.). 
Characters ignored if in words Specifies the non-letter characters that can be found in a word, e.g. syllable characters or stress marks. These characters are ignored during the spelling check, but still retained in the recognized text.
Prohibited characters In some cases you are sure that certain characters will never be found in the texts you recognize. You may then specify the set of such characters (called prohibited characters) in the language  properties. Specifying such characters may considerably increase the speed and quality of recognition. Specify the set of prohibited characters in the Prohibited characters line.
Text may contain Arabic numerals, Roman numerals, Internet links (URL) etc. Specifies that the recognized text may contain Arabic and Roman numerals, URLs, e-mail addresses etc.
If you create a language for recognition of special texts (e.g. supermarket article lists), clear this option. 
Recognition set Displays the language recognition set (all the characters - letters, punctuation marks, etc. - that may be found in texts written in the language).