The Read Tab in the Options Dialog

Option name

Option description

Recognition language Sets the recognition language.
In case you don't see the language you need in the list or in case you want to recognize a text written in several languages, click the Edit languages button. The Language Editor dialog will open. You may create a new language or a new language group in the dialog.
Edit languages (button) Opens the Language Editor dialog. You may create a new language or a new language group in the dialog.
Recognition mode group
Thorough In this mode, ABBYY FineReader will analyze and recognize both simple documents and documents with complex layouts, in particular documents with text on a color or raster background and documents with complex tables (including tables with white grid lines and tables with color cells).
Note: As compared to the Fast mode, the Thorough mode consumes more time but ensures better recognition quality.
Fast This mode is recommended for processing large amounts of documents with simple layouts and good image quality.
PDF recognition group
Extract text from PDF If this option is set ABBYY FineReader will use text data extracted from a PDF file for recognition. Text data extraction speeds up the recognition process up to 2 - 3 times.
Note: This mode is suitable for PDF Image Only files. In this case ABBYY FineReader will simply recognize the image.
Recognize PDF as image

PDF files may have non-standard encoding. In this case text content can only be recovered with OCR.
If you are not satisfied with the recognition quality of a PDF document, select this option and re-read the document again.

Hyperlinks group
Highlight hyperlinks If this option is set ABBYY FineReader will highlight hyperlinks found in the recognized text with the color selected in the Color field. To select or change the color, click the Color button to the right of the option and select the color in the dialog that appears.
Training group
Do not use user patterns This option is set by default. It will suit you in most cases. 
Train user pattern Set this option to train your user pattern during recognition. If this option is set, the 2-Read button will start the recognition in the Train user pattern mode. The Manual pattern training dialog will open.  You may then train the system to recognize the uncertain characters.
Note: The created pattern is useful only for recognizing texts set in the same font of the same size and scanned with the same resolution as the document you trained your pattern on. 
Use user pattern  Set this option if you want your user pattern to be used during recognition. 
Pattern Editor
Opens the Pattern Editor dialog. You may create, rename, delete, edit and activate patterns in the dialog.
Use built-in patterns  Specifies that the built-in patterns are used during recognition; this option is set by default. Do not use this option if you want to train ABBYY FineReader to recognize decorative or non-standard fonts (e.g. Tibetan).