Step: E-mail Images

At the E-mail Images step, ABBYY FineReadersaves the images into a file(s) of the specified format and attaches them to an e-mail message. The step has the following properties:

Property Description
Attachment options
Save as type From the drop-down list, select the format in which you wish to save the images.
Save as one multi-page image file Select this option if you wish to save all the images into one multi-page file.
Note. This option is available only for TIFF and PDF file formats.
File naming
Name Specify the file name.
Note. If you save images to separate files (the Save as one multi-page image file option is not selected) ABBYY FineReader will add the page number or page group number (0001, 0002, etc.) to the name of each file.

Tip. The Preview field displays a sample file name that will be used to save the recognized pages as well as tips for the file options.