Step: Save Pages

Set the properties for the Save Pages step.

Property Description
Prompt for output file names when saving When you run the task, ABBYY FineReader will open the Save Pages dialog prompting you to select the file and saving options.
The option is set by default.
Save with specified names and to specified location If you select this property, you need to specify the following:
  1. Output folder
    Specify the folder where the
    file(s) containing the recognized text will be saved. Check the Create time-stamped subfolder box if you wish ABBYY FineReader to create a new subfolder each time you run this task. This option is useful if you do not wish to specify the folder manually each time you run the task.
  2. Save as type
    From the drop-down list, select file format.
  3. File options:
  • Create a single file for all pages - Saves all the pages (or all the selected pages) of the batch to one file.

  • Create a separate file for each page - Saves each page to a separate file.

  • Create a new file at each blank page - ABBYY FineReader uses blank pages to divide the pages into groups. For each group, a separate file is created into which all the pages of the group are saved. ABBYY FineReader will name the created files by adding -1, -2, -3, etc. to the file name specified in the Name field.

  • Name files as source images - Saves each page to a separate file named as original image.

  1. Name
    Specify the file name.

Tip. The Preview field displays a sample file name that will be used to save the recognized pages as well as tips for the file options.