Step: Save Images

Set the properties for the Save Images step.

Property Description
Prompt for image file names when saving When you run the task, ABBYY FineReader will open the Save Image As dialog prompting you to select the file and saving options.
The option is set by default.
Save images with specified names and to specified location If you select this property, you need to specify the following:
  1. Output folder
    Specify the folder where the
    file(s) containing the images will be saved.
  2. Save as type
    From the drop-down list, select file format.
    Select the
    Save as one multi-page image file option if you wish to save all the images into one multi-page file.
    Note. This option is available only for TIFF and PDF file formats.
  3. File name.

Tip. The Preview field displays a sample file name that will be used to save the images.