The Edit Menu

Menu item: What does it do:
Undo Cancels the last action. 
Redo Cancels the last Undo action. 
Cut Deletes the selected text and copies it to the Clipboard.  
Copy Copies the selected text to the Clipboard.
Paste Inserts the text copied to the Clipboard at the insertion point. 
Clear Deletes either the text selected in the Text window, or the pages selected in the Batch window or blocks drawn in the Image window. 
Select All Selects all text in the Text window, all blocks in the Image window or all pages in the Batch window. 
Find Looks for the search pattern in the text on the current page or in the whole batch.
Find Next Repeats the last search.
Replace Looks for the search pattern and replaces it with the specified text on the current page or in the whole batch. 
Advanced search Searches the text you type in all the batch pages.

Note: The search pattern may be a word or several words. The words may be in any form.