The Tools Menu

Menu item: What does it do:
Automation Manager... Opens the Automation Manager... dialog. The Automation Manager allows you to create and modify automated tasks, and delete custom automated tasks which you no longer use.
Hot Folder & Scheduling... Launches Hot Folder & Scheduling. Hot Folder & Scheduling allows you to select a folder with images and set the time for processing images in this folder.
Check Spelling Looks for misspelled words and uncertain words in the text.
View Dictionaries Opens the Select Dictionary dialog, so you may set the dictionary you want to view and edit.
Language Editor... Features tools for creating and editing user dictionaries and language groups.  
Pattern Editor... Features tools for creating and editing user patterns.
Customize... Sets up toolbars.  
Options... Opens the Options dialog. There are the General, View, Scan/Open, Read, Check Spelling, Save tabs in the dialog.