Group Work with the Same User Languages and Dictionaries

(available in ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition only)

Create a batch and set up the necessary scanning and recognition options.

All the user languages and dictionaries you attach will be stored in one folder. By default it is the batch folder. Before you may create a user language that uses a user dictionary, you have to specify the folder in which to store the user languages together with user dictionaries. To specify the folder:

All the user languages and dictionaries you attach will be stored in this folder.

After the setup is complete, save the batch settings in a batch template file (*.fbt):

For several users to work with the user languages and their attached dictionaries, each of them will have to load the batch settings from the previously saved *.fbt file when creating a new batch.

To do this:

Click the Load Options... button on the General tab of the Options dialog (Tools>Options). In the Load Options dialog select the folder and select the necessary *.fbt file. The previously saved batch settings including path to user languages and their dictionaries will be set. Thus, all users will have the same path to user languages and their dictionaries.

Using these user languages for recognition you can edit their dictionaries. Changes made by one user are available for all other users of the same folder. User languages created in this folder will be available for all users who load this batch template. You may see the list of available user languages and their properties in the Language Editor dialog in the User-defined languages group.

The dictionary is locked during the time a user adds/removes a word to/from it. The dictionary is updated when a user clicks the Add button in the Check Spelling dialog or any button in the Select Dictionary dialog.


  1. If you use a folder in which several dictionaries of several users are stored, all the users using these dictionaries must have read-write access to this folder.
  2. When a user language is used by several users, it available as "read-only", i.e. you won't be able to change the parameters of an already created user language. However, you will be able to add/remove entries in the user dictionary of this language.