ABBYY Screenshot Reader Toolbar

When you start ABBYY Screenshot Reader, its toolbar is displayed.

The ABBYY Screenshot Reader toolbar contains tools for recognizing text and tables on the screen of your computer, creating screenshots of selected areas on the screen, and for setting up ABBYY Screenshot Reader.

Clicking this button turns on the selection tool which allows you to select an area on the screen. The selected area will be enclosed in a frame and depending on your settings the program will either automatically start recognizing the text in the selected area or create a screenshot of the selected area. The resulting text or screenshot will be saved to a file, copied to the Clipboard or sent to another application, depending on which option you choose from the drop-down list to the right.

In this drop-down list, select a screen object to capture and a destination where it should be saved.

Opens the
Options - ABBYY Screenshot Readerdialog where you can select a recognition language, toggle between the two display modes of the ABBYY Screenshot Reader toolbar, and select a sound and/or a message which ABBYY Screenshot Reader will use to signal that a screenshot has been copied to the Clipboard.

This button toggles between two display modes of the ABBYY Screenshot Reader toolbar. If you select , the ABBYY
Screenshot Reader toolbar will always be displayed above the windows of the other running applications.

Capturing text and tables from the computer screen
Making screenshots
Additional options